Get on board the time machine of Federico Sacco and Edouard-Alfred Martel, two passionate and fascinating geologists. They will share with you the secrets of the most beautiful geological sites in the Alpes de Haute-Provence and Italy, but also all their clues to protect this wonderful heritage!

Because the two scientists are leading a real detective investigation and are on the verge of arresting bandits risking, by their misdeeds, to permanently upset the natural treasures of the Southern Alps!

Set off on the trail of stolen geological treasures, extinct animals and plants, solve puzzles and collect clues to find the traffickers and their loot!

Your investigation will lead you to walk the picturesque paths of the region, to observe the impressive lakes, rivers and gorges, to explore its majestic massifs for an exceptional adventure in the heart of the history of the Alps.

Deliver the prisoner of time

an investigation to be carried out on Digne les Bains

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Geological Adventure

Lead the geosite to geosite survey with our two geologist friends

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In search of the magic amulet


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