Deliver the prisoner of time

During a lively discussion with Alexandra David Neel, around a precious stone she brought back from India, Federico Sacco and Edouard Alfred Martel decipher a parchment linked to this precious talisman.

Very playful by this intrigue and overflowing with enthusiasm as usual, Martel grabs the stone… and disappears!

Upset by this sudden fainting, Alexandra David Neel and Federico Sacco find a small fossil in place of their companion ... a small ammonite still wet ... sand ... 

After gathering his minds, Professor Sacco identifies the fossil ... it is a witness from nearly 200 million years ago. This clue may mean… that… Yes of course… that it is possible to find Martel at the ammonite slab! 

Join Professor Sacco Accompa, by Alexandra David Neel, in his investigation and help them collect the clues needed to free their geologist friend. 

To fulfill your mission, download the Geological Adventure application!