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alt_route Earth and Time Tour and Sisteron Citadel

Take the time to reflect on the different conceptions of time - religious, civil, relative, cyclical, absolute and military by following the Earth and Time circuit.

Free, the circuit starts at the Musée Terre et Temps and takes you in 1 hour to the Tour de la Médisance (the medieval wall) on the avenue de la Liberation.

It notably passes through the Citadel, built by Vauban. Every year since 1928, this remarkable site has hosted the green theater where shows are organized during the Nights of the Citadel 

To find out more about Vauban's works in the Alpes de Haute-Provence, discover the “Forests and animals”, “Land of encounters” and “The Train des Pignes to villages of characters” routes.

Candy of
Duration: 1 hour
Distance: 1,3 km
Positive elevation: 80 m