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Between Alps and Provence, discover the range of landscapes, reliefs and Provençal and Alpine villages which have inspired our leisure activities. Go on a 6-day tour or choose à la carte. Discover every aspect of the department by combining offers of outdoor sports and offers of discovery and relaxation. Maintain your adventurous spirit by staying in the unusual accommodation offered!

Day 1: Digne and the Bès valley

alt_route Stage 1 / Option 1 - Via Ferrata at the Rocher de Neuf Heures

access_time 2h30 - €

The Rock of Neuf Heures is made up of limestone from the Lower Jurassic. These rocks are ancient sediments deposited at the bottom of the sea around 185 million years ago. The piling up of underwater sludge and their gradual burial transformed these loose and waterlogged deposits into a hard rock: limestone.

This limestone also contains pieces of black flint which make the rock very hard. This "flint bar" contains many fossils, shell debris, belemnites ...

To find out more about limestone, join the “Relaxation” trail.

Between earth and sky, discover the limestone walls thanks to the via ferrata and observe funny birds!