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Step 3

alt_route The Ichthyosaur of Robine

access_time 15min - Free

The name "Ichthyosaur" comes from the Greek ikhthus (fish) and sauros (lizard). If the ichthyosaur looks like a fish, it is indeed a reptile and one of the most impressive marine reptiles (up to 15 m long!) Of the Secondary Geological Era that has emerged. ranges from - 252,2 to - 66 million years.

The shape of an Ichthyosaur's body is reminiscent of sharks and dolphins. They swam quickly thanks to their swimming paddles (bony fins), dorsal fin and tail. He had to come regularly to the surface to get some air.

Ichthyosaurs disappeared about 90 Ma ago, or 25 Ma before all other large reptiles.

Robine's Ichthyosaur hike
Level: Easy
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Type: Round trip
Length: 3,9 km
Positive elevation: 189 m
Departure / Arrival: Car park along the D900a, Bès Valley

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