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alt_route Verdon Secret 3D

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The impressive landscape of the gorges is a result of the action of water on the massive limestones. The notch of the Verdon canyon is of recent formation probably less than a million years old, with vertical walls reaching a height of 300 m. The Verdon is embedded in a rocky area over 700 m deep.

Here is shown the 3D film "Verdon Secret", which features Hidalgo who decides to relive 100 years later the adventure of Martel et Blanc, the first explorers of the Verdon canyon.

The gorges also cut old underground karst networks, some still active. Discover the “Superlatives” route.

Price Verdon Secret 3D : From 11 euros. Book online:

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Karst results from the hydrochemical and hydraulic erosion of all soluble rocks, mainly carbonate rocks, mainly limestone. The karsts present for the most part a tormented landscape, an essentially underground network (underground rivers) and a basement carved out of numerous cavities: reliefs with the appearance of ruins, losses and resurgences of watercourses, caves and chasms.