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On the surface, the precipitation water infiltrates from the karst dug in the limestones, potentially from the Canjuers massif. They then descend into the rock formations where they are loaded with soluble minerals.

Flowing in depth towards the low point of the Durance, the water meets an area of ​​intense fracturing around Gréoux. It rises to the surface thanks to the karstification of limestones. Up to about 2 m deep, it reaches 500 ° C and as it rises to the surface it cools down and comes out at 75 ° C.

The water here is of the sodium chloride type, highly mineralized. Rich in hydrogen sulfide (strong odor), it is poor in sulfate.

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Properties and virtues of thermal waters
We speak of "thermal waters" because each water has a unique and particular composition depending on the region where the source is located.

Thermal water, also called natural mineral water, finds its source in the depths of the earth. It is the rocks with which water is in contact during its underground journey that determine its chemical composition.

Thermal water owes its benefits to its composition. Rich in trace elements, it indeed helps to overcome many ailments. Depending on the minerals, their properties are different. Thus we distinguish:
- sulphurous waters: rich in sulfur, ideal for the treatment of the respiratory tract and for certain dermatological problems,
- chlorinated water: rich in sodium chloride
- bicarbonated waters: rich in bicarbonate, indicated in the treatment of gastric and intestinal tracts and certain dermatological problems