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Day 3: Caves and materials

alt_route Stage 3 / Dossi cave

access_time 1h - 8 €

The Dossi cave, located on the slope of Mount Calvario in Villanova Mondovi, is of karstic origin and stretches 910 m long, with a drop of 21 m.

Mainly composed of limestone, manganese and iron, it includes a succession of corridors and rooms adorned with concretions in various colors.

Take the path to admire the azure blue “lagoon”, the marbled white rocks, the hunchbacked vault and many other magical environments.

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Discovery of the Dossi cave
The Dossi cave was discovered in 1797 by a hunter. As he follows in the footsteps of a fox in the snow, he sees it arrive at the sources of the Branzola River and then disappear into a den near a quarry. Convinced of having touched the fox, the hunter asks a young man to enter the cavity to extract it. This is how the cave was discovered.

The story of its discovery seduces journalists from the biggest national and foreign newspapers and the tourist benefits are colossal: coach trips are organized from Mondovi!