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Day 1: From Col de Larche to Coni

alt_route Stage 1 / Vinadio

access_time 1h30 - €

From 1818, a vast program of fortifications was launched along the Piedmont Alps, to reconstruct the forts destroyed by the French. The works lasted until 1847.

More than 50 pieces of artillery were installed in the fort, the last modernization of which was carried out between 1880 and 1882. Having become a huge barracks, then an artillery warehouse, this fort was abandoned after the Second World War.

To find out more, discover the thematic sheet "Franco-Italian exchanges".

Cost: € 3 to € 7 / € 10 cumulative ticket
Location: Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 8 12010 Vinadio CN, Italy
Telephone: +39 3404 962 384 / +39 0171 959 151
Access: Between May and October

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Franco-Italian exchanges
Faced with a shortage of qualified labor (stonemasons, masons, blacksmith, etc.), those responsible for the construction of the Fort de Tournoux were obliged to bring in some from elsewhere.

Traditionally, the Piedmontese workforce supplied the valley with workers and masons during the summer months.
If it seemed delicate to bring in an enemy workforce, that did not prevent the people of Piedmont from participating in the Tournoux site, despite the fear of the government of potential spies.
Indeed, the construction by the Italians of the fort of Vinadio (30 km from the border, in the valley of Stura) competes with that of Tournoux and testifies to the Italian know-how in the matter!